Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA , 2010

As we listen to the busy kitchen sounds in the next room, we’re getting itchy feet, keen to attack the day. The Liberty Hill Inn B&B is fabulous and our breakfast is no exception. Stuffed with cranberry scones, oatmeal pancakes and fruit, we hit the road to Provincetown.

Although lunch at the famous “Lobster Pot” beckons, timing dictates that if we want to see whales, we must board our ship, the “Dolphin 8” right now. Its a beautiful sunny, clear day and the trip out of the port and around the Cape into the Atlantic takes about an hour. As we approach the area of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, we start to see the tell-tale signs of water spray in the distance.

What unfolds from this point is simply stunning and certainly unexpected. We were “guaranteed” whale sightings, but never dreamed the whales would be everywhere, and so comfortable with our close presence. Birds preen the whales underbellies of barnacles and parasites while they playfully roll around, blowing spray and waving their tails. As an added bonus dolphins shoot in and out of the whale’s activity.

We spend an hour with the whales and reluctantly return to port, still buzzing with the sights, sounds and smells of a wonderful experience.


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