Rocking the boat on my way to Utopia

I’m as sure that I cannot change the world as I am aware that I cannot hide from it, but I can’t recall a time in my life where Australian society has been – either by people’s actions or acceptance – such an angry, inconsiderate, selfish, impatient, judgemental and non-caring blame culture as seems to be the case now.

Our cities bulge and steam like a pressure valve about to blow, our politicians are abhorrently self-serving, blinded from their duties by an endless struggle for power, corporations downsize, outsource, and squeeze the rest of us and the planet for that last
cent of profit – all the while the media gleefully presents this scene in as negative a light as is possible. And we lap it up, FWD it to our friends, unaware of the damage we are overseeing and perpetuating.

Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world“, so right now I’m dreaming of a time or place where people have the great virtues of faith, hope and charity.

utopiaStrangers do not seek to blame, but only to understand.

Friends are not angry about another’s success – they help celebrate it! A win for
one is a win for all.

Greed is unnecessary, as needs are simple and there’s plenty for everyone.

Parents provide their children with positive boundaries, and teach sustainable and community spirited practices.

Shane Warne neither texts nor tweets, no one’s heard of The UFC but Uncle Wally claims that his great-grandfather once paddled across it, Ben may well be my cousin, but I will never have to stalk him or go through his trash to find out, and the Biggest Loser is
the last one in the river on a sweltering hot day.

I can sense you’re waiting for me, the traveller, to tell you where this marvelous place is and how I discovered it, yet I sit here, hoping for the same from you. Do we scour the earth for this place, or build it together?

Sadly, we Europeans – driven by greed and a misplaced superiority complex –
found it already and chose to invade and conquer rather than meet, learn from and
trade with this society. A familiar tale, and now here we are.

Its time to be the change we want to see.

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