Weirdest things I’ve sold on ebay

Anyone who knows me understands that I love ebay. Where else can you unload things you don’t want, without having to move a muscle? And get paid? The ‘weirdest things I’ve sold’ is no less amazing than the list of ‘weirdest things I’ve bought’, but that’s for another day.

Over the years I’ve sold everything from books to beds, fridges to flip-flops, bikes, bread-makers and balls. Sometimes the ‘weirdness’ factor comes simply from the ‘to whom’ and ‘to where’ the item was dispatched. How about these for quirky sales:

  • An Iron Maiden CD to a yoga retreat in Spain
  • Autographed photos/cards of well-known footballers to either themselves or family members
  • Two 3m square window frames to a woman building an entire house from parts bought on ebay.
  • A large freezer to a woman who arrived for the ‘payment and pick up’ in a small hatchback.
  • An ounce of gold to the Cayman Islands – fancy that!

And my favourite – a pair of ice-skates to a man in Outback Queensland.

Perhaps he was simply feeling ‘cast away’, like Tom Hanks.

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