Modern day ‘Faux Pas’

“Faux Pas” – a slip of manners or departure from social norm.

Now that Gen Y know what the hell I’m talking about, let’s continue. Am I the only one who has noticed that what was previously considered a faux pas now barely seems to raise an eyebrow?

Opening doors for “ladies”, giving up your seat to “oldies”, letting people exit before you enter, wearing long socks with shorts, and the all time classic – asking a women when they are “due” and finding out they’re not actually pregnant. Failure in these areas would be sure to earn you a “Tsk Tsk” in the past.

OK so the long socks with shorts thing will probably always raise an eyebrow (except in Queensland), but what are the faux pas for the modern era? Here’s a list of 20 from my own observations.

  1. Using the phrase “faux pas”, which just says “look at me, I’m old and boring”
  2. Using correct grammar and spelling in text messages – pls!
  3. Trying to correct someone who doesn’t use correct grammar and spelling in text messages
  4. Sending a Facebook “friend request” to someone you don’t know
  5. Watching someone enter their PIN
  6. Ordering a cappuccino
  7. Sending someone a cheque
  8. Paying cash
  9. Not taking credit card
  10. Not shaking everyone’s hand, including kids
  11. Doing air quotes
  12. Open CC-ing when emailing
  13. Asking someone to not use their mobile phone in company
  14. Not picking up dog poo
  15. Sniping with 2 seconds left on ebay
  16. Competitiveness
  17. Displaying any kind of general knowledge
  18. Leaving work at 5pm
  19. Putting someone on speakerphone without telling them
  20. Trying on shoes in Myer, then buying the exact same pair on-line for half the price.

There’s a start – maybe you have more? Now excuse me while I pull up my thinking socks…

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