Derek Green was born in London, England, and er… as Forest Gump might say, “that’s all I have to say about that”. He came to Australia in 1970, quickly dropping the plumb in his mouth and acclimatising fast – not just to the weather but more importantly to the local football code.

He grew up in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and embarked on his first solo overseas trip at the age of 20. The travel bug probably wasn’t the only bug that bit hard on that trip, but clearly Derek has spent much of the interim period plotting, planning and strategising(?) over his next journey. And making up words.

He currently writes this blog and submits the odd-travel article, and is Managing Editor of The Westsider newspaper in Melbourne.

Footnote: In 2011 he decided that “Derek” was a boring, 1950s, very “English” name, probably shared with sweaty, cardigan wearing, train-spotting types. Not ready to go quietly into that good night, Derek tried to introduce a new, cool-sounding nickname, “Rick” into his various social circles. Finding that name also fell a bit flat, and sounded like several apparently humorous profanities, he finally settled on a more suave sounding varient “Rico”, which quickly grew into more of an alter-ego than mere nickname.

And so the legend of Rico was born. Sorry mum.

Arriba Rico!


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