The loneliness of the long distance blogger


You may have noticed I haven’t added to this blog much lately. We’ll, I’m concentrating on print at the moment, and in the meantime, the ‘good’ stuff just doesn’t make it on here, as its usually being pitched to some magazine editor that checks their email once a year, before sending out an automated response informing that they have either gone on sabbatical or maternity leave, or both. Alas, apart from not being able to cannibalise my own material when offering exclusivity, this has taken up all my remaining time.

Not that what you’re reading now is necessarily the chaff, its just that lately life has become a constant quest for the perfect ‘angle’. No I haven’t taken up billiards. Its just that unless one traipses off to live with the Yanomami people in the lower Amazon, or goes wind-surfing in Afghanistan, or hot air ballooning on the moon, every destination, site and activity you can conceive of (and every prose that can describe it), has already been turned over, trodden on and basically flogged to death. And if its anywhere in America, there’s already a car park, soda machine, top-notch A/C, and guidance from cheery volunteers with badges that display names like “Marvin” and “Doris”.

So here’s where the angles come in. If you have a really good angle, you can still re-discover anywhere and write about anything. So I’m enjoying trying to get under the skin of wherever I am, thinking about different ways to get there, eat there, and be there.

Maybe that’s not a bad angle from which to approach life anyway.